1000 Mile Sock Review
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1000 Mile Socks Review

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I’m going to keep this review of the 1000 Mile Socks short and simple because, well, I’m not sure anyone is going to read a really long post about a pair of socks.

But hear me out for a couple of minutes.

I’m always amazed by the number of people who will happily spend upwards of £100 for a decent pair of hiking boots, pair them with a pair of 99p socks from Primark, and then wonder why they’ve got blisters or rubbing.

If you’re going to invest all of that hard-earned money in a decent pair of boots, you really should splash another £20 or so on a good pair of hiking socks to go with them. And if you’re looking for a recommendation then the 1000 Mile Fusion Socks are a great choice.

1000 Mile Fusion Walking Socks

The Mens 1000 Mile Fusion Walking Sock is an innovative and comfortable sock specifically designed for walking. It features a unique double-layer technology that guarantees blister-free performance and is the first of its kind to include padded comfort zones on the heel, toe, and Achilles tendon.

This design, coupled with high-volume Merino wool, provides warmth and volume that is ideal for wear in colder weather, from autumn to spring. The sock’s mid-calf length makes it perfect for use with high-ankle walking footwear. The sock also incorporates Tactel®, a specialised fibre known for its softness, lightweight, breathability, and quick-drying capabilities, which help keep feet cool and dry during activity.

The Merino wool used in the sock is known for its temperature-regulating properties, allowing the wearer to stay warm without overheating, and its moisture-wicking properties ensure the wearer remains dry.

1000 Mile Socks Review

Let me start by saying that I’ve had a pair of 1000 Mile socks before. Did they last for 1000 miles? I’m not sure, I didn’t keep track, but they did last me for a good couple of years and I’d still be wearing them now had I not lost one of them (that happens a lot in my house).

I’ve just had a great opportunity to properly test out the 1000 Mile Fusion socks when I went for a hike up to Shining Tor in the Peak District. With this unexpected cold snap and a proper dumping of snow, I was glad of the double-layer warmth as I traipsed through snow that was up to my knees in places. My feet stayed warm despite the fact that they were in snow for the whole walk, and I had absolutely no complaints about comfort from them, as you’d expect from a hiking sock that has added protection and padding in all the right places.

The Bottom Line

For less than £20 you are getting a pair of hiking socks that are designed to last for a very long time. They’ll keep you warm, comfortable and blister-free. What else could you possibly need?

Our Top Pick

1000 Mile Fusion Socks

Mens 1000 Mile Fusion Walking Sock, features a double-layer technology for a blister-free experience and padded comfort zones on the heel, toe, and Achilles tendon. With high-volume Merino wool for warmth and Tactel® fibre lining for moisture-wicking, this mid-calf length sock is perfect for your walking adventures.

1000 Mile Sock Review

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