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Akaso Brave 8 Review: A Cheaper Alternative to a GoPro?

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Akaso has launched the latest version of its action camera range, the Akaso Brave 8. It is being marketed as a cheaper alternative to the Go Pro 10 and, in this review, we are going to look at the pro and cons of the camera and whether it really is a suitable alternative to more premium brands or whether you are better off saving for a little bit longer to get the market leading product.

Akaso Brave 8 Specifications

  • Weight – 114.8g(including battery)
  • Dimensions – 63*36.5*45mm
  • Sensor – 1/2” CMOS
  • Effective Pixels – 48M
  • Lens – Equiv. 16mm f / 2.5
  • Video Formats – H.264 / H.265
  • Battery – 1550 mAh * 2
  • Slow Motion – 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x
  • Max Video Bitrate – High, Medium, Low
  • Photo Formats – JPEG / JPEG + RAW
  • ISO – Photo: 100 – 3200 -Video: 100 – 6400
  • Supported Memory Cards – microSD – Max. 512 GB
  • Waterproof – 33ft (10m)
  • Time Lapse Interval – NTSC/PAL: 8K, 4K 4:3, 4K 16:9, 2.7K 4:3, 2.7K 16:9, 1440P, 1080P
  • Motion Time Lapse – NTSC/PAL: 4K 16:9, 2.7K 4:3, 2.7K 16:9, 1440P, 1080P
  • Angle – Super Wide Angle / Wide Angle / Portrait Perspective / Narrow Angle
  • Meter Mode – AI Face Metering, Center Average Metering, Metering, Center Metering, Spot Metering
  • Photography – Photo: 48MP, 12MP
  • Time Lapse Photo – 48MP, 12MP
  • Others – Stereo Audio / Human Voice Mode / Dark Light Mode / Bluetooth Connection / One-click Capture/External Mic / Visual / Remote Control / USB-C Port
  • Record Video – NTSC: 4K30 4:3, 4K60 16:9, 2.7K90 4:3, 2.7K120 16:9, 1440P180, 1080P200 – PAL: 4K25 4:3, 4K50 16:9, 2.7K75 4:3, 2.7K100 16:9, 1440P150, 1080P200

What’s in the Box?

When it comes to the accessories that come with that camera, the Akaso Brave 8 is miles ahead of the competition. There is absolutely loads of stuff in the box. So much so that I have to admit that I was scratching my head wondering what half of it was. 

But, as a mountain biker and a paddle boarder, I was really pleasantly surprised to discover that it has both handlebar and helmet mounts as part of the pack, as well as spare mounts that could be adapted to fit onto a paddle board.

Having a spare battery is also really useful, especially for those long days in the mountains or on the trails when you want to capture a lot of footage.

  • The Brave 8 Action Cam
  • Camera Frame
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control Strap
  • Pole Mount
  • Additional Mounts x7
  • Helmet Mounts x2
  • Straps and Bandages
  • Double Sided Tapes
  • Tethers
  • Lens Cloth
  • Battery Pack, Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
Akaso Brave 8

Who is the Akaso Brave 8 For?

At £239, complete with a load of accessories including mounts and spare batteries, the Akaso Brave 8 is a fair bit cheaper than the GoPro Hero 10 which retails at around £400 without any accessories included.

Buyers are going to have a dilemma to face: do they go for the cheaper option that comes with a load of accessories, or the market-leading action camera that has set the benchmark for this kind of product?

The answer comes down to what you plan to use the camera for and what level of quality you’re willing to accept.

On paper, at least, the Akaso Brave 8 looks as though it would compare relatively well with a more premium action camera such as the GoPro Hero 10, but in reality, it comes second in almost every department.

The video quality isn’t as good. The photo quality isn’t as good, even though the Akaso Brave 8 has more MP. And the stabilisation is a long way off the GoPro, which was a bit of a deal breaker for me, as someone that would predominantly use this for mountain biking. Even with the Akaso Brave 8 set to stabilisation mode, it’s a very shaky video after a ride down an average mountain biking trail.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot to like about the Akaso Brave 8. It has loads of accessories, it feels well built and it has a high spec. But… it’s still along way fom the GoPro range and for the price I still think you’d be better off either spending a little bit more for a GoPro Hero 10, or even seeing what deals you can find on an older model GoPro.

In my opinion, Akaso would have been better off stripping this package back and not including all of the accessories, and offering the camera at a much lower price so it isn’t instantly compared with the premium brands. At £150 this would be a great piece of kit, but at £239 it’s just a stretch too far.

If a GoPro is out of price range for you and a budget action camera is all you really need, the Akaso V50 is available for just £80 on Amazon, and for that price it really is a great little camera.

However, Akaso is definitely one to watch. We’re talking about fine margins here, and they are definitely on the right track. If they take all of the user feedback onboard, the Akaso Brave 9 could be incredible.

Akaso Brave 8

Akaso Brave 8

An action camera that comes complete with multiple accessories and a high spec, ready to record your favourite adventures.

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