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Amazfit T-Rex Pro Watch Review

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Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a budget-friendly smartwatch that has been designed with adventure in mind. With military-grade toughness, over 100 sport and workout modes, and rugged looking styling, this watch is going to appeal to a wide-range of outdoor-loving people.

The watch has been built to be durable and boasts a whole range of features to track your adventures. It’s been tested to military standards for a variety of functions and is heat and cold resistant, salt spray resistant, humidity resistant and water-resistant.

For those that love to track their stats, there are several built-in monitors to track everything from heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, sleep and stress levels.

The watch integrates with the Zepp app to track your performance and the app acts as a dashboard to show you everything you might want to know; such as how much sleep you’ve had, how many calories you’ve burnt and how many steps you’ve taken.

In a nutshell, this is a watch that is packed full of features for people who love to spend their time outdoors. And with an RRP of £139 you are getting a lot of value for money.

I’ve been wearing the watch for the past three weeks to find out if it’s really as good as it sounds. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far…


  • Android Operating System
  • Bluetooth 5 Connection
  • USB 2 Connection
  • 1.3-inch Amoled Display
  • Touchscreen with anti-fingerprint coating
  • 390 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 10 ATM Water Resistance
  • 100+ Sports Modes
  • BioTracker Optical Sensor
  • GPS

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review

Battery Life

Let’s talk about battery life first as that is a make-or-break function of a watch, for me. There are a lot of smartwatches out there that need to be charged every single day. Fortunately, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is not one of them. In fact, you don’t even need to charge it every single week.

I charged the watch fully on the day that I got it and then didn’t need to charge it again until day 13. Throughout that time I would say that the watch was under ‘normal’ usage. The heart rate monitor was always on. I used the watch for sleep tracking at night. And the GPS was active for all of my runs, walks and bike rides during that time.

I was really impressed with that battery life and having 12 full days of use from one charge puts this watch way out ahead of some of its competitors. And even when it did need charging, it took less than two hours to fully charge.


I have to say that I love how this watch looks. It is chunky and rugged but without feeling bulky on the wrist. In fact, I was really surprised by just how lightweight it felt.

You can’t help but be reminded of the old Casio G-Shock watches in terms of the look – but with all the added benefits that a smartwatch offers.

The watch comes in three colours: Meteorite Black, Desert Grey, and Steel Blue. I went for the Steel Blue option and think it looks great.

Sport and Workout Modes

You buy a watch like this because you want to track your outdoor activities in some way. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro has over 100 sports modes included and covers just about every kind of activity you can think of. From running to hiking, rowing to snowboarding.

You can view the basic information from your activity directly on the watch, with the rest of the in-depth analysis available on the app. Amazfit state that you can share your workout data with third-party apps such as Strava and Relive. The process for this is really seamless and once I’d logged into Strava through the app and set the right permissions, everything else is automated. So, as soon as you have finished your activity and synced your watch with the Zepp app, that activity goes straight into Strava without you needing to do anything.

I went for a 20k bike ride a few days ago. I started the tracker as I left and then forgot about it until I reached home again. When I went to stop the activity on the watch I was disappointed to discover that it had already stopped itself only a third of the way into the ride. I’m not sure how this could have happened as my hands were on the handlebars most of the time and it would have been difficult to accidentally press any buttons. It’s something that I’ll keep a close eye on and I will update this review if it happens again. For now, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a one-off error.

For tracking runs and walks the watch has been great. There’s a feature in which you can set an interval reminder. I’ve found this particularly useful and have set it to vibrate every kilometre during a run so I can check my pace and work on my consistency.

I only have one gripe with the watch after more than three weeks of use, and that’s the step counter seems to be quite inconsistent. I began to notice huge differences between the steps that my watch was showing that I’d taken and the steps that my phone was showing. So, to see what was going on with it I decided to wear two watches for a day, and carry my phone with me at all times. It wasn’t a particularly active day, just a short walk with my daughter and some wandering around the house. My Honor GS Pro watch showed 7700 steps for the day, my phone showed 7450 steps, and the Amazfit T-Rex Pro showed only 3300 steps. It’s anyone’s guess which one was actually correct, but as the phone and the Honor watch were the closest together, I have to assume that the Amazfit watch is the least accurate.

Some information I found online suggests that the Amazfit watch won’t start counting until you’ve done more than 10 steps, to decrease the risk of counting arms movements as actual steps. That might explain some of the differences, but certainly not thousands of steps. Maybe it’s a good thing that Amazfit calculates in this way, but it does mean that I can no longer class walking to the kettle and back as exercise.

Other Features and Functions

As you’d expect with this kind of smartwatch, there are plenty of other features and functions too.

The watch will display notifications from messages, Whatsapp, emails, Instagram, Facebook and pretty much any other app that you have on your phone. You can also decline or silence incoming calls directly from the watch.

Within the watch you can access weather reports, a compass, barometer, timer, stopwatch, and a useful ‘find phone’ function.

As with most smartwatches, you can also customise the watchface and there are dozens of options to change faces within the Zepp app.

In short, it has pretty much everything that you’d expect and then some.


  • Rugged Design
  • Great Battery Life
  • Competitive Price Point
  • Abundance of Sport Modes


  • Inconsistent Step Counter

The Bottom Line

For £139 you are getting a rugged-looking watch with a long battery life and loads of great features. At this price, it is unbeatable for people who want a watch that is designed and built for adventure.

Its nearest competitor is the Honor GS Pro which has an RRP of £249 but has been on sale at £179 lately. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more then the Honor GS Pro has a few features that the Amazfit T-Rex Pro doesn’t.

That said, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a fantastic watch and an unbelievably good price and it’s going to do everything you need it to do when it comes to tracking your outdoor adventures.

Our Top Pick

Amazfit T Rex Pro

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch is a titanic combination of practicality, strength and comfort. The clarity of the 1.3-inch HD AMOLED colour screen, with its always-on display, ensures that you don’t have to halt your activity to check important information.

Amazfit Trex Pro

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