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Berghaus Arrow 30 Litre Unisex Rucksack Review

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When it comes to outdoor gear, the Berghaus Arrow 30 litre rucksack hits the mark for those seeking a balance between size and functionality. This pack is a no-nonsense choice for weekend adventurers and seasoned hikers alike. It’s compact enough to manage your essentials without weighing you down, yet robust enough to handle the unpredictable UK weather, thanks to its packable raincover.

The Arrow 30 doesn’t skimp on comfort either, with its adjustable chest strap and snug back construction ensuring a secure fit, whether you’re scaling peaks or navigating coastal paths. Its walking pole attachments and easy-access pockets mean you’re prepared for whatever the trail throws at you, from a casual stroll to a full day’s hike.

In this review, we’ll cut through the fluff and give you the lowdown on whether the Berghaus Arrow 30 is the right kind of rucksack for your outdoor pursuits. So, let’s get to the heart of what this pack has to offer.

Key Features and Benefits

The Berghaus Arrow 30 rucksack is all about making your outdoor expeditions both manageable and enjoyable. Here’s a breakdown of its standout features and why they matter:

Compact and Comfortable

Don’t let the compact size fool you. This 30-litre pack is adept at storing everything you need for a long day out. Its design maximises space without adding unnecessary bulk, making it an ideal choice for those who want to move swiftly and efficiently.

The rucksack features an adjustable, removable chest strap, allowing for a tailored fit that brings stability during active use. Coupled with the height-adjustable option, it caters to various body types, ensuring that superior comfort is never in question.

Useful Touches

The packable raincover is often needed for the UK’s unpredictable weather, ensuring your gear stays dry. It’s easy to deploy and tucks away just as quickly when the sun decides to grace you with its presence.

With the Berghaus Arrow 30, you have handy pockets for quick access to snacks or a compass, and side pockets that are perfect for water bottles or other taller items. This means less time stopping and starting and more time enjoying the hike.

For those who traverse varied terrain, the walking pole attachments are a godsend. They offer easy storage for your poles when not in use, allowing you to free your hands without missing a step.

A hydration pack is essential for staying quenched on the move, and this rucksack’s compatibility with most hydration systems means you can sip without skipping a beat.

The Berghaus Arrow 30-litre rucksack is a compact pack that punches above its weight. It’s built to enhance your outdoor experience by keeping your gear secure, your body comfortable, and your essentials within easy reach.

Berghaus Arrow 30 Colours

Performance and Durability

When you’re out in the wild, the last thing you want to worry about is your rucksack. That’s where the Berghaus Arrow 30 steps in, designed to withstand the elements and the rigours of outdoor life.

I’ve field-tested the Berghaus Arrow 30 against the often harsh and wet British climate, and the rucksack’s included raincover kept my gear dry during sudden downpours. The material itself is robust, resisting tears and scuffs that come from brushing against rocks and branches.

Even on longer treks, the rucksack’s snug back construction and height-adjustable straps distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your shoulders and back. It’s the kind of pack that makes a full day’s hike seem less daunting, especially when you’re loaded with extra gear. However, for long hikes in warmer weather, I’ve used rucksacks that have a better ventilation system than this one, and there is very little airflow between the rucksack and your back.

The Berghaus Arrow 30 remains stable and secure when fully packed, thanks to its intelligent design. The compression straps cinch down excess volume, which means your load doesn’t shift, keeping you balanced on uneven terrain.

Durability is a key concern for any hiker, and the Arrow 30 doesn’t disappoint. It’s constructed with long-lasting materials that endure season after season, from the zips to the stitching around the straps and handles.

This rucksack isn’t just for hikers; it’s versatile enough for various outdoor pursuits. Whether it’s a cycling commute, a climbing expedition, or a paddle boarding afternoon, the Berghaus Arrow 30 adapts to the challenge, keeping your essentials safe and accessible.

The Berghaus Arrow 30 is built for those who demand durability without compromising on comfort. It’s a rucksack that you can rely on, trip after trip, ensuring that your focus stays on the adventure, not on what’s on your back.

Practicality for Activities

The true test of any outdoor gear is its versatility and the Berghaus Arrow 30 litre rucksack meets this head-on. Here’s how it fares across a spectrum of outdoor pursuits:

  • Hiking and Trekking: With its walking pole attachments and hydration system compatibility, it’s great for hikers. The pack sits comfortably on your back, the weight distribution is spot on, and the easy-to-reach pockets mean you can grab your gear on the go.
  • Cycling: For mountain biking, the compact design ensures aerodynamics are not compromised, while the secure straps keep the pack firmly in place. The hydration pack access is a bonus for long rides where stopping isn’t an option.
  • Climbing: The streamlined shape of the Arrow 30 ensures it doesn’t snag on protrusions, and the chest strap keeps it centred even when you’re reaching for that next hold.
  • Casual Use: Not just for the wilds, this rucksack is just as at home in an urban setting. It’s ideal for a commute or a casual outing where you might need to carry a few extra items.

Who Is the Berghaus Arrow 30 For?

Here’s who will find this rucksack most beneficial:

The Weekend Adventurer: If you’re escaping to the Peaks or the Lake District for a weekend, this rucksack is your ally. It’s the right kind of size for a two-day escape, with enough room for the essentials and a few luxuries, like lightweight two season sleeping bags or a camping stove for a cosy evening under the stars.

The Day Hiker: The Arrow 30 is spot-on for those long day treks where you need hydration, nutrition, and layers within easy reach. The hydration pack compatibility and handy pockets make it a good size for sustaining your stride from dawn till dusk.

Outdoor Sports Enthusiast: Whether you’re into kayaking, mountain biking, or paddle boarding, the rucksack’s snug fit and easy access storage lets you concentrate on the sport, not your gear.

Duke of Edinburgh Participants: It’s an excellent option for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants. It ticks all the boxes for a pack that’s easy to carry, with room for all the gear required for their expeditions, including survival essentials and protective clothing.

The Eco-Conscious Shopper: For those who care about purchasing from brands committed to sustainability, this rucksack is a nod to eco-friendly shopping experiences. Berghaus is known for its commitment to reducing environmental impact, making the Arrow 30 a purchase you can feel good about.

The Daily Commuter: It’s not all about the wild outdoors. This rucksack fits into urban life seamlessly, offering a secure fit and good size for transporting laptops, documents, and lunch, with the added bonus of not looking out of place in a professional setting.

Whether you’re tackling the rugged trails, heading into town, or setting off on a DofE adventure, it’s a rucksack that adapts to the needs of a diverse array of users.

Berghaus rucksack with hiking poles

Pros and Cons of the Berghaus Arrow 30

Every piece of gear has its highs and lows, and the Berghaus Arrow 30 is no exception. Here’s the lowdown on what works and what could be better:


  • Robust Construction: The rucksack’s material is tough, ready to handle the wear and tear from rocky outcrops or accidental scrapes against tree bark during those off-the-beaten-path adventures.
  • Adjustable Fit: With its height-adjustable chest strap and snug back design, it offers a secure and comfortable fit, essential for those long treks and uphill challenges.
  • Hydration Compatibility: A key feature for any hiker, the pack’s compatibility with hydration systems means you can keep sipping without having to stop, which is great news for maintaining your pace.
  • Packable Raincover: The inclusion of a packable rain cover addresses the unpredictable UK weather, keeping your belongings dry from unwanted water, whether you’re caught in a downpour in the valleys or facing coastal squalls.


  • Stiff Zips: The side zipped pockets, while handy, are let down by zips that are on the stiff side, making it a bit of a struggle to quickly access your gear or stow away your findings from the trail.
  • Lack of Ventilation: After a steep climb or during a particularly vigorous day out, the absence of a ventilated back panel can lead to discomfort, leaving you with a sweat-soaked shirt.
  • Limited Space for Longer Trips: While it’s a good size for day trips or short overnights, those embarking on longer expeditions may find the 30-litre capacity a bit restrictive when it comes to packing extra gear or bulkier items.

The Berghaus Arrow 30 is a solid performer for most outdoor enthusiasts. It ticks a lot of boxes for comfort, durability, and practicality, though it has room for improvement in terms of accessibility and back ventilation. Whether these cons are deal-breakers depends on your needs and the intensity of your outdoor pursuits.

Berghaus Arrow 30

Berghaus Arrow 30

Upgrade your adventure gear with the Berghaus Arrow 30 rucksack. Its robust build, hydration compatibility, and packable rain cover make it the ideal companion for day hikes and urban commutes alike.

While it’s compact, it doesn’t compromise on space, ensuring you have everything you need within reach.

Invest in the Arrow 30 and stay prepared for where the trail takes you.

Berghaus Arrow 30

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