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5 Best Dryrobe Alternatives Under £100

Dryrobe Alternatives

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What is the best Dryrobe alternative under £100? Surfers, wild swimmers, paddle boarders, this one is for you. In this post, we’ll look at some great alternatives to Dryrobe, from the budget options to the sustainable options.

What is a Dryrobe?

Dryrobe is the brand that sets the benchmark for all of the outdoor changing robes that you see wild swimmers and paddle boarders wearing after they finish their adventures. So much so that other changing robes by other brands are often mistakenly called ‘Dryrobes’ instead of changing robes.

Typically, a Dryrobe – or an outdoor changing robe by any other brand – will have a wind and water-resistant outer shell and a fleece or towel lining. They’re designed specifically as something to throw on over wet skin or on top of a wetsuit when you’ve just finished your water-based adventure.

What to Look for in a Changing Robe

If you’re looking to buy a changing robe, there are a few things to look out for.

The outer layer should be at least wind and water-resistant. If you’re expecting to be out in bad weather, you might even want to look out for a changing robe that is fully waterproof and has taped seams (like the Gul EvoRobe below).

The lining should be fleece or towel, designed to absorb moisture while retaining heat.

Most outdoor changing robes are designed to be significantly oversized. This is so you can get out of your wetsuit or swimming gear and into your regular clothes without flashing anyone nearby.

You’ll also want some useful features like lined hoods to keep your head warm and dry, and deep pockets to store your keys and phone while you’re getting dry.

The original Dryrobe changing robes have all of these features, but they’re also a bit on the pricey side. usually selling for upwards of £150. So we’ve rounded up the best Dryrobe alternatives for under £100…

Adult Surf Poncho from Decathlon

Let’s start with the cheapest item on this list. Do you really need to spend a large amount of money on a Dryrobe or similar product when all you need is something to wrap yourself in after a wild swim or paddle-boarding session? That’s a question only you can answer, but if a simple poncho is all you need then this option from decathlon could be all you need and at a fraction of the price.

It’s 100% cotton, quick drying and generously sized so that you can get changed underneath it. At £29.99 this might be all you need.

Budget Pick

Adult Surf Poncho

100% cotton, machine washable and quick drying. This might be all you need after your adventures.

Generously sized to allow changing underneath, this is our best pick for those with a tight budget.

A great option at £29.99

Budget changing robe

Escapism Recycled Changing Robe from Passenger

I’m a big fan of Passenger Clothing and their efforts to use recycled materials in their products. The Escapism Changing Robe is made from 100% polyester ripstop fabric, lined with recycled micro-fleece. That makes it a great alternative to Dryrobe, in my book.

But not only is this a great product on the sustainability front, it’s a great product in general.

With a water-repellant outer and a super-absorbent lining, it’s a great option for surfers, paddle boarders and wild swimmers.

Sustainable Pick

Escapism Changing Robe

A great looking and great performing changing robe that has the added feature of being made from 100% recycled materials.

A great choice for the sustainability-conscious.

Currently on sale at £89.99

Passenger Changing Robe - Dryrobe Alternative

Freespirit Aquarobe

The Freespirit Aquarobe is available from the High Street outdoor shops, Millets, Blacks, Go Outdoors and Ultimate Outdoors.

At £80, this is a good option if you’re looking for a Dryrobe alternative under £100.

With a two-layer waterproof fabric and a deep fleece lining, this is going to warm you up after a plunge in cold water. As with most robes of this kind, it comes over-sized for ease of changing, and has useful features such as a lined hood and zipped pockets

Great Option

Freespirit Aquarobe

The Freespirit Aquarobe has two-layer waterproof fabric, fleece lining and useful features such as a lined hood and zipped pockets.

Available for £80 from Millets and Go Outdoors.

Freespirit - Dryrobe Alternative

Zone3 Polar Fleece Parka Robe

Zone3 is well-known for making high-performance gear for triathletes, so you just know that the polar fleece parka robe is going to be a great product.

The outer is wind and water-resistant, and the polar fleece lining is designed to keep you warm and dry. The robe features internal and external pockets, a lined drawstring hood and a two-way zip. It’s oversized for ease of use, and long length for added warmth and coverage.

Our Top Pick

Zone3 Polar Fleece Parka Robe

A high-quality changing room from the makers of high-performance triathlon gear.

Wind and water-resistant, fleece lined and designed to keep you warm and dry.

At £99.99 it’s a great alternative to a Dryrobe.

Zone 3 - Dryrobe alternative

Gul EvoRobe

You might know Gul as a wetsuit and surf gear brand, and that’s exactly why this changing robe is a great option. Designed and made by people who are in and out of the water in all weather, this robe features a thermal lining and a waterproof outer layer.

The Gul EvoRobe has many technical features, including waterproof taped seams, making it a great robe for the changeable British weather.

Great Price

Gul EvoRobe

A great changing robe from Gul, a brand synonymous with wetsuits, surfing and cold water.

At £65.95 on Amazon, this is a great value robe at an affordable price.

Gul Evorobe - Dryrobe Alternative

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