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Honor GS Pro Watch Review

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Honor GS Pro Watch Review

I’m going to start this review by stating right from the start that I absolutely love this watch. In the month that I’ve been testing this watch out, it’s only been off my wrist for a total of four hours and has become an integral part of how I monitor both my exercise and my sleep.

The Honor GS Pro is packed full of features, including over 100 workout modes. It’s built to withstand even the toughest of environments and has been tested to military standards for a whole range of functions including temperature, humidity and altitude resistance. But one of the most impressive features, and the one that puts it way ahead of its competitors, is the incredible 25-day battery life.


  • 25 Day Battery Life
  • 100+ Workout Modes
  • GPS Route Back
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep and Stress Monitoring
  • Sp02 Monitoring
  • Personalisable Watch Faces


  • 1.39-inch AMOLED Screen
  • 454 x 453 pixels at 326 PPI
  • Full Screen touchscreen

Honor GS Pro Battery Life

Let’s talk about that battery first as that’s going to be the feature that gains a lot of attention.

Realistically, to achieve that impressive 25-day battery life, you would need to turn off all of the features such as step counting, heart-rate monitoring and stress testing. And why would you have a smart watch if you didn’t want features like those?

In the month that I’ve been using this watch, I’ve found that the battery will last around two and a half weeks with what I would call ‘normal’ usage. That’s with all of those standard features turned on, including sleep monitoring. That usage also accounts for use during runs and walks in which the GPS is active for route tracking. That’s several hours each week of that GPS being enabled.

Although 2.5 weeks falls some way short of the 25 days that are advertised, I still think that it’s very impressive. When you consider that an Apple Watch has just 18 hours of battery life and the Samsung Galaxy watch has about 7 days, you see that the Honor GS Pro is leagues ahead in that department. It is also worth noting that it takes just two hours to fully charge the watch.

Honor GS Pro Workout Modes

The Honor GS Pro’s rugged design is going to appeal to a lot of us ‘outdoorsy types’ and there are more than 100 built-in workout modes to help track your activities. For me, I’ll probably only ever use three of these 100 – walking, running and cycling – but it’s good to know that I’m covered for anything else I want to try such as skiing, snowboarding, triathlon or, bizarrely, darts.

There are also built-in running courses for those new to running or are looking to build up their fitness. These are Couch-to-5K style sessions and will be seen as a really great touch for beginners.

You can view your basic workout stats directly on the watch and for more advanced data you can pair with the Huawei Health app that is available for both IOS and Android users. It’s through this app that you can view all of your collected data for things like heart rate, sleep monitoring and stress levels too, so you’ll end up spending a lot of time looking at all of those numbers and wondering what to do with the info.

I’ve been quite impressed with the data that I get from the workout modes and particularly like the fact that I no longer need to carry my phone with me to record routes and stats while out running.

The only drawback here is that there is currently no way of pairing or exporting that data to Strava. For me, that’s not the end of the world, but I know a lot of Strava-obsessed people would see this as a deal-breaker.

Other Functions

As expected, there are a lot of other functions to the watch aside from the workout modes. One that I’ve found particularly useful is the ability to answer calls directly on the watch. When out hiking or cycling I generally keep my phone in my bag. Being able to answer the phone without having to stop and get the actual phone out is great.

The watch also comes with storage for around 500 songs too. These can be played directly through the built-in speaker or paired with headphones.

For hikers and trail runners, another useful feature is the GPS route back mode which essentially assists you in retracing your steps if ever you take a wrong turn and don’t have access to a map.

The watch face itself is also customisable, and via the Huawei Health app, you can choose from hundreds of different watch faces to make it your own. I must admit that I’ve spent much more time than I should have done trying out different looks for the watch.

Final Thoughts

I’ve loved testing out this watch for the last month and can’t imagine not having all of the daily data it provides now. For £250 you are getting a lot of watch for your money and anyone who loves being active in the outdoors will get a lot of use and value out of it.

It does have a couple of drawbacks, namely the lack of compatibility with third-party platforms like Strava. It’s also a bit frustrating that you can’t configure the watch to make contactless payments like a lot of other smartwatches can. But the massive battery life, superb functionality, beautiful display and rugged design more than makes up for that.

Our Top Pick

Honor GS Pro

Main Functions : 100 workout modes. Oxygen Blood Test,Heart-rate Monitor, Bluetooth Call, Sleep Monitor, Stress Monitor, Message and call Notification, Bluetooth Call, Music Control, Animated watch faces. Measure environment Temperature&Humidity.

Honor GS Pro Watch

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