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A Guide to the Llandegla MTB Trails

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It’s well known as being one of the best places in Wales to go mountain biking, and in this post we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the Llandegla MTB trails.

Coed Llandegla, operated by One Planet Adventure, is undoubtedly one of the best mountain bike trail centres in the UK. Situated in North Wales, near Wrexham, this trail centre offers a variety of mountain bike routes, with something to suit all abilities.

As well as the great trails, there is a skills area and pump track, and a whole range of great facilities such as a cafe, bike shop and bike hire.

If you’re looking for somewhere great to go riding this weekend then look no further. Here’s everything you need to know…

Llandegla MTB

Trail Grades

Most trail centres have different routes for different abilities and they will be marked with the corresponding colours. All trail centres in the UK follow the same grading system so you will always know what level trail you should be riding.

If you’re new to mountain biking you may not have seen these colour systems yet or may be confused as to which colour trail you should be riding. Here’s our quick guide to trail grading and what it all means…


Green trails are for beginners and families. They are generally wide, well-surfaced trails with minimal ascent or descent involved. They are often shared with walkers and are commonly forest access roads. These routes are great for exploring forests and a perfect way to find your confidence and improve your fitness on a bike.


Blue routes are the next step up from green routes. They often use some of the same forest access roads but will link together with some singletrack trails and some steeper hills to ride. You will need to be moderately fit and confident on your bike to ride these trails.


Red routes are what many trail centres are all about. Fast-flowing singletrack, steps, berms and drop-offs. These routes are not for beginners but they will probably be the routes that you will want to ride because they look like the most fun. Red routes will have steep climbs and technical descents with unavoidable drop-offs as well as rocky or rooty terrain. You will need a good level of fitness, stamina and technical ability to ride these trails.


Black routes are the extreme end of the scales, with very steep descents and large jumps and drop-offs. These trails require an expert level of ability and fitness. Many red routes will have some black options through the trails, meaning that you will have two options at certain points, a black graded drop or jump, or the easier red route around the obstacle. Be sure to know your ability before attempting a black route.

Llandegla MTB Trails

The Trail Centre

The trail centre at Llandegla is one of the best and most established that I’ve ever been to.

There’s a great cafe, ready to serve you coffee and cake after your ride. And on Wednesday nights they have social nights when they are open until 9 pm, serving woodfired pizzas to happy mountain bikers.

There’s also a really well-stocked shop, selling everything from bikes to apparel from your favourite brands.

You can also hire a bike from the trail centre. There’s a range of options, from a hardtail for around £40 for the day, up to a full suspension e-Bike for around £100 a day.

Parking and Facilities

Parking for the Llandegla MTB trails can be found at the following address…

Coed Llandegla Forest, Ruthin Rd, Llandegla, Denbighshire, LL11 3AA

Here you’ll find plenty of useful facilities…

  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Bike Shop
  • Cafe
  • Bike Hire
  • Bike Repair and Servicing Workshop

Llandegla Green MTB Route

The green MTB route at Llandegla is perfect for beginners and families.

This route avoids any steep hills or technical features, instead offering a gentle ride out to the reservoir where you can enjoy views over the Clwydian mountain range.

The Llandegla MTB blue route is just 5km long, making it perfect for families or those looking for a short ride.

Llandegla Blue MTB Route

At 12km, the blue route is a good step up from the green route and is more suited to beginners with a good level of fitness.

Expect a bit more climbing and then a descent back to the trail centre that features berms, rollers and a few bumps to keep you entertained.

As far as introductions to the Llandegla MTB trails go, this is a great starting point for those looking to build confidence before advancing to the red route.

Llandegla Red MTB Roue

The red route at Llandegla is a lot of fun and you could argue that this is the trail that put Llandegla on the mountain biking map.

As well as fast-flowing singletrack, the red route has some great features to keep you engaged, such as boardwalks, table tops and berms.

The red route has been around for years now, but it is constantly tweaked and updated to make the best possible ride. If you are fit enough and skilful enough to tackle the route, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Llandegla Black MTB Route

For the expert riders, there is a 6km black-graded section that can be found partway around the red route.

As you’d expect, this features steep descents, large drops, gaps and jumps, as well as some technical climbing.

The black route eventually rejoins the red route and the two routes combined total around 21km of fantastic riding.

Llandegla Bike Park

As well as the four Llandegla MTB trails, there is also a pump track, a skills section and a freeride area near the trail centre.

For those looking to work on their skills before heading out on the trails, this is a great facility.

Llandegla MTB FAQs

How long is the blue trail at Llandegla?

The blue route at Llandegla is around 12km long

How long is the red trail at Llandegla?

The red trail at Llandegla is approximately 15km long, or 21 km long if combined with the black route.

How much does it cost to ride Llandegla?

The Llandegla MTB trails are free to ride. The car park is £5 per car or £85 for a season ticket.

What time does Llandegla open?

The car park at Llandegla is open from 9am to 6pm for most of the year, with some later evening opening times throughout the summer months. Check the One Planet website for more details.

Make it a Weekend Adventure

Think of heading to the Llandegla MTB trails? There is plenty to do here and you’ll struggle to fit it all into one day. Fortunately, there are plenty of mountain-biker-friendly hotels nearby…


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