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Olight Gotorch X Mountain Bike Light

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When I heard about the new Olight Gotorch X mountain bike light I was really keen to test it out and see how good it is. I’ve been a fan of Olight products for a while and have both a handheld torch and a head torch from Olight. I can’t speak highly enough of those two products, so can their new mountain bike light live up to the same standards? I’ve been finding out.

Tech and Spec

  • Max Output = 2000 Lumens
  • Runtime = Up to 89 Hours
  • Beam Distance = Up to 250 metres
  • Waterproof = IPX4
  • Weight (Light) = 114g
  • Weight (Battery) = 383g

What’s in the Box?

  • Bike Light x 1
  • Battery Pack x 1
  • Clamp x 1
  • Screws x 2
  • Clamp Arm x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Cable Zip Ties x 2
  • Big Silicone Strap x 1
  • Small Silicone Strap x 1
  • 7/64 in Allen Wrench x 1
  • Thin Cushion Ring(31.80 mm / 1.25 in) x 1
  • Thick Cushion Ring(28.60 mm / 1.12 in) x 1
  • User Manual x 1

Olight Gotorch X Features

Let’s start with the most obvious factor, the brightness. The Olight Gotorch X isn’t just any ordinary commuter bike light, this is a light that has been designed for off-road use and has more than enough power to light up even the darkest of trails.


There are multiple brightness settings, including a 100-lumen daytime running light, a low level of 1000 lumens and then a high level of 2000 lumens. All of these settings are accessed by the large button on top of the light, and this is actually one of the best features of the light for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s really easy to access and switch between settings, even with mountain biking gloves on, and secondly, the button also has a colour-coded system to let you know how much battery power you have left – green if you have more than 75%, orange if you’re between 75% and 30%, and red if you fall below 30%.

On the highest setting, the light is capable of reaching up to 250 metres, and with the wide beam, it is more than enough for lighting up forest trails or anywhere else you can explore on two wheels.

Olight Gotorch X Battery

The Olight Gotorch X is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that can be attached to your bike frame in multiple locations. For me, it makes the most sense to attach this to the top tube, just back from the handlebar stem, but there are multiple ways you can do this to suit your own needs.

The 64.8Wh battery pack is capable of running for up to 89 hours, which is more than enough for an evening mountain bike ride. As I mentioned earlier, I already own two other torches from Olight and one of the best features of those is the battery life. I use them for night hikes and camping regularly but they have never let me down in terms of battery life and power. I’m expecting more of the same from the Olight Gotorch X and as I’ve owned the bike light for more than two weeks now and still haven’t charged it, it’s looking very promising.

Another great feature of the Olight Gotorch X is the option to charge your other devices from the battery pack. There’s a USB Type-C charging port on the battery pack, allowing you to power up things like phones, action cameras and GPS devices – a really useful function for those on longer bikepacking trips.

Other Features of the Olight Gotorch X

The Olight Gotorch X attaches to your bike using the same kind of mount as a GoPro or other action camera. This gives a lot of versatility in how you use the light. For example, you could attach the light to the top of your helmet if you wanted to use it this way.

The battery pack attaches using silicone bands, giving you a range of options on where you can mount the battery pack. Again, this is especially useful for those that will have bikepacking bags attached and need to utilise certain parts of the frame.

As you’d expect from a mountain bike light, the Olight Gotorch X is IPX4 rated. This essentially means that it will remain waterproof when it is inevitably splashed with water and mud.

The Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly bright
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to operate
  • Ability to charge other devices


  • The light gets very hot when used on the highest setting
  • No quick release for the light

The Bottom Line

The Olight Gotorch X is a great option for any mountain biker that wants to head out for an evening adventure. With incredible brightness and great battery life, this is everything you need to light up the trails. It’s easy to use and has some useful features such as the ability to charge other devices from the rechargeable battery pack.

Our Top Pick

Olight Gotorch X

  • Max Output = 2000 Lumens
  • Runtime = Up to 89 Hours
  • Beam Distance = Up to 250 metres
  • Waterproof = IPX4

Olight GoTorch X

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