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Rab Firewall Jacket Review

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The Rab Firewall jacket has been around for a few years now, and it’s been a firm favourite amongst those looking for a well-made mountain jacket that doesn’t break the bank. This latest version has had a few revisions in the style and fit departments, and we’ve been checking it out to see if it still stands up as one of the best all-rounders for long days in the mountains.

Spec and Tech

  • Pertex Shield 3-Layer Fabric with Stretch
  • way YKK AquaGuard front zip with internal storm flap
  • 2 YKK AquaGuard zipped, A-line chest pockets
  • YKK AquaGuard zipped Napoleon Pocket
  • YKK Aquaguard pit zips
  • Anti-snag hook and loop adjustable cuffs
  • Helmet-compatible hood with wired peak, roll down anti-snag hook and loop tab

Is the Rab Firewall Jacket Waterproof?

Is it waterproof? That’s the first question that springs to mind when thinking about any kind of mountain jacket for use in the UK. If you are spending £200+ on a jacket for heading out on the hills, you want the peace of mind of knowing that you are going to stay dry when you get caught in a downpour. And let’s be honest, it’s not going to take long before that happens.

The Rab Firewall jacket has you well covered on this front. The jacket uses the Pertex Shield system, which is, essentially, a cheaper alternative to the more well-known Gore-Tex membrane. But, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that it won’t perform as well. In the case of the Rab Firewall jacket there can be very few complaints about how well it will protect you from the elements.

You don’t just have to take our word for it though. A quick scan through the customer reviews of this jacket from some of the bigger retailers such as Amazon, Go Outdoors and Blacks will show you that this jacket is rated very highly based on hundreds of reviews. 92% of reviews on Amazon rate this as 5 stars, for example, and a quick read through the comments will reassure you that many users have been caught in storms and downpours and have remained dry.

There is sometimes a compromise to be made when it comes to waterproof jackets. Often, when a jacket is really good at keeping water out, it becomes really good at keeping moisture caused by perspiration inside, too. But in the case of the Rab Firewall jacket and the Pertex fabric, you’ve got a really good level of breathability. In addition to this, a key feature of the jacket is the under-arm vents, or ‘pit zips’ as Rab calls them. This allows for great ventilation, keeping you cool as your scramble up to the summit.

Features of the Rab Firewall Jacket

A stand-out feature of this jacket is the fabric itself. You could describe it as a hardshell with a soft feel. The added stretch allows freedom of movement when you are at your most active, giving you a sense of comfort that you just don’t get from a lot of waterproof jackets.

Naturally, the jacket was made with adventures in mind, so it’s packed with features that you might need in the mountains, such as a hood big enough to wear a helmet under, and pockets big enough to keep your maps in. There are some thoughtful touches too, like the fleece-lined chin-guard that adds a tiny bit of comfort on those days when the jacket will stay zipped up to the very top to keep the cold and rain out.

Other Jackets to Consider

Value for Money

Over the years Rab has built up an incredible reputation for great quality, long-lasting outdoor gear. At £240 rrp, you are getting a jacket that will last many years and will keep you dry on many of your adventures and expeditions to our rainy mountains.

At this price point, the Rab Firewall jacket is hard to beat.

Our Top Pick

Rab Firewall Jacket

A great all-around waterproof jacket that will last many years and will keep you dry on many of your adventures to our rainy mountains.

Rab Firewall Jacket

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