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Rab Valiance Jacket: Waterproof Down Jacket Review

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When the temperature drops and the skies turn grey, the hunt for the perfect winter jacket kicks into high gear. That’s where the Rab Valiance Jacket comes into play: a powerhouse of warmth for the coldest months, offering not just superb insulation but also acting as a shield against the harshest weather. So, what sets this jacket apart from the rest? Let’s take a closer look.

The Rab Valiance Down Jacket at a Glance

The Rab Valiance Jacket is not your average winter coat. It’s a blend of high-altitude readiness and everyday practicality, wrapped in a package of the highest quality materials. The jacket boasts a waterproof Pertex Shield exterior, coupled with a synthetic insulation fill hood, and a 2-way adjustable Stratus insulation system that keeps the warmth in and the cold out. The design ethos here clearly leans towards achieving a perfect balance of form and function, a principle Rab seems to have mastered.

Fit is a crucial aspect of any outdoor gear, and the Valiance doesn’t disappoint. It straddles the line between a generous fit that allows for additional layering and a streamlined silhouette that follows the contours of the body, ensuring ease of movement without sacrificing warmth. Snug enough to keep the cold at bay but roomy enough for a layer or two beneath.


Waterproof Capabilities: The Valiance’s waterproof credentials are solid, thanks to the Pertex Shield fabric with its hydrophobic treatment. This combination ensures you stay dry, whether you’re caught in a flurry of snow or facing the unpredictable showers of British weather.

Insulation and Warmth: At the heart of the jacket’s cocooning warmth is its down quality, enhanced by the synthetic Stratus insulation. This innovative fill maintains its loft and warmth even when damp, making it a reliable companion in damp conditions. The jacket’s fill power is a testament to its ability to trap a maximum amount of air, ensuring warmth without the bulk.

Design and Construction: Rab’s attention to detail shines in the Valiance’s construction. The narrow bonded boxwall construction, longer length, and lower bulk design contribute to better moisture management and a protective feel. Articulation of seams and the use of stretch fabric in key areas like the naturally bent elbow zones enhance the jacket’s fit and freedom of movement.

Comfort and Usability: The jacket’s design is mindful of the wearer’s comfort and the intensity of their pursuit. Adjustable cuffs, a full circumference zip, and an insulated helmet-compatible hood provide adaptability to changing conditions. The generous arm length and front zip offer a better range of motion and ease of use, whether you’re scaling a peak or navigating the urban jungle.

Rab Valiance Jacket Review

Everyday Use vs. Active Use: My two cents? For just stomping around town in the dead of winter, the Rab Valiance Jacket is spot on – like walking with your own personal heater. But if you’re pushing the pace or really going for it outdoors, brace yourself for a sweat fest. The jacket’s so warm, you’d wish for a bit of chill just to cool down.

Adaptability to Weather: The jacket’s prowess in handling a range of weather conditions is noteworthy. From damp mornings to days when the skies unleash a flurry of snow, the Valiance stands its ground. Its windproof fabric and fast-drying capabilities mean that you stay protected and comfortable, irrespective of the weather’s mood swings.

Layering System: For those wild winter walking days or even for polar expeditions, the Valiance Jacket fits seamlessly into a layering system. Its design allows for additional layering without feeling bulky, providing a protective feel that’s essential when facing the elements. The jacket’s longer length and adjustable features like the cuffs and hood mean you can tailor its fit to work with your other layers, ensuring maximum protection and comfort.

The Most Commonly Asked Question:

Is the Rab Valiance Jacket Waterproof?

Absolutely. The jacket’s Pertex Shield fabric, combined with its hydrophobic treatment, ensures that you stay dry, even in the most challenging weather conditions. Whether it’s a sudden downpour or a steady snowfall, the Valiance has got you covered.

The Bottom Line

The Rab Valiance Jacket? It’s a beast. Built to tackle the worst the weather can throw at you, it’s like a warm, dry hug in the midst of a storm. Rab’s knocked it out of the park with this one – quality build, materials that can take a beating, and comfort that doesn’t quit. Sure, it might be too much for when you’re really pushing hard outdoors, but for everything else? Spot on.

This isn’t just about staying toasty; it’s about taking on winter without flinching. Dark clouds, biting wind, or just a nippy morning – the Valiance Jacket has you covered, making sure you stay warm and look good doing it. It nails that sweet spot for your winter gear, making it a must-have in your wardrobe.

Winter Warmth

Rab Valiance

If you’re after a jacket that offers reliable protection and laughs in the face of bitter cold and unpredictable weather, the Rab Valiance Jacket is your best bet.

It’s the ideal pick for anyone looking to stay snug and dry during the coldest months, without compromising on style or comfort.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring frosty trails, this jacket has got your back.

Rab Valiance Jacket

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