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Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid Review

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The Salomon X Ultra 3 walking boots were hugely popular and one of the best-selling pairs of boots of recent times. They seemed to be sold in every outdoor shop in the country and they have been around for a good few years. So, it was only natural that Salomon would want to build on that success with a new updated version. Enter the Salomon X Ultra 4 mid boot.

With updated, modern styling and a few tweaks to the technical details of the boot, the Salomon X Ultra 4 promises to be the comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof pair of walking boots that everyone needs for their weekend adventures to the hills and mountains.

I’ve been testing a pair out over the last few weeks to see if they live up to the hype and if they’ve solved the problems that the Salomon X Ultra 3 versions had…

Tech and Spec

  • Inlay sole – Textile /Synthetic
  • Lining – Textile
  • Outsole – Rubber
  • Upper – PU coated leather/Textile
  • Drop – 11 mm
  • Heel stack height – 31.5 mm
  • Forefoot stack height – 20.5 mm
  • Weight – 425 g
  • Lacing system – Regular laces
  • Waterproofness – GORE-TEX

Features of the Salomon X Ultra 4 Boots

Ask anyone who has ever owned a pair of Salomon walking boots what the stand-out difference is between those boots and the competitors and the answer you’ll most often hear is that they are really comfortable and lightweight. The Salomon X Ultra 4 boots are a perfect example of this.

Salomon draws on their experience making trail running shoes to create walking boots that have just the right balance between being fast and agile with rigidity and support.

In layman’s terms, Salomon boots are effortlessly comfortable straight out of the box and you’ll feel like you’re wearing running shoes on your hikes, but with the added bonus of grip and ankle support when you need it.

In my experience, you can walk for hours and hours in these boots and they’ll still feel great on your feet.

The Salomon X Ultra 4 boots do have a slightly stiffer feel compared to the X Ultra 3s. This is due to the new advanced chassis system that promises to enhance stability on the trails. Those who like to hike on particularly rocky terrain will probably welcome this. I definitely do. As much as I loved the X Ultra 3 boots, I used to choose the Salomon Quest 4D boots over them if I knew that I was likely to be scrambling over rocky ground on my walk.

Are Salomon X Ultra 4 Boots Waterproof?

Are the Salomon X Ultra 4 boots waterproof? Yes. No. Maybe. We don’t know.

If you read my review of the Salomon X Ultra 3 boots, which I reviewed after three years of use, you’ll know that there seems to be a problem somewhere. My experience with the boots was nothing but positive. I walked hundreds of miles in them across all kinds of terrain and in all weather conditions, and they never let me down once. I cleaned them every so often and occasionally sprayed them with Grangers Repel, but I didn’t go to extreme lengths to prolong the life of the boots.

But they always stayed waterproof for me.

However, read the review sections on any outdoor retailer and it becomes a different story. There are dozens and dozens of poor reviews that state that the Salomon X Ultra 3 boots leaked after barely any use.

And unfortunately, that still seems to be the case for the Salomon X Ultra 4 boots.

Once again, my experience so far has been nothing but positive. I’ve gone out of my way to traipse through deep puddles, long wet grass and fast-flowing streams to see if I can replicate the issue that so many others have, but I can’t. Not a drop gets through.

The online reviews are a mixture of contradicting stories, from long-distance walkers leaving five-star reviews after wearing the boots for weeks on end in dreadful weather, to casual dog walkers leaving one-star reviews after having wet feet on their first walk across a wet field.

My advice remains the same as it was with the X Ultra 3 boots: there is enough to like about the Salomon X Ultra 4 boots to make them worth the risk. They’re comfortable, lightweight, supportive and, in my experience, waterproof. However, if you are going to buy a pair, buy them from a well-known retailer with a good returns policy. Think Go Outdoors, Blacks, Ellis Brigham etc… You should have no issues replacing your boots with another pair should you be one of the unlucky ones.

The Number One Pro

For me, the biggest pro with the Salomon X Ultra 4 boots is the comfort. Although they are slightly more rigid than their predecessors, they are still one of the most comfortable pairs of walking boots you’re likely to find.

The Number One Con

If there is anything to complain about with the Salomon X Ultra 4 boots it’s the grip. Salomon claims that the All-Terrain Contragrip grabs the trail even when it’s wet and slippy. I’d disagree. The grip is fine when it is dry and dusty, but the first sign of wet, slippery rock and these boots immediately feel a bit on the precarious side. Compared to my Hanwag Banks GTX boots, the Salomon X Ultra 4 boots are nowhere near as grippy.

The Bottom Line

I love these boots and I’m sure that most people who buy them will love them too. They’re perfect for weekend adventures and you’ll forget you’re wearing them as they are so comfortable.

There are some question marks over the waterproofing of the boots, but I can say that my experience with them has been nothing but positive and my feet have always remained dry.

Recommended Retailers

Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid Boots

Lightweight, comfortable and perfect for weekend adventures. The Salomon X Ultra 4 is set to be just as successful as the previous versions.

Salomon X Ultra 4

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