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Scarpa Terra GTX Review

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The Scarpa Terra GTX has been one of the most popular walking boots of recent times and a best seller for Scarpa. The latest version has had some tweaks, based on consumer feedback, and promises to be even better than the original.

We’ve been testing out the Scarpa Terra GTX boots to see just how good they are and to see how Scarpa has improved on an already-great boot.

Tech and Spec

  • Materials:
    • Upper: 2mm Leather
    • Lining: Gore-Tex
    • Midsole: PU with structured ribs
    • Sole: Vibram Energy II
  • Increased durability with minimal stitch design
  • Updated shape gives more toe space
  • Updated cuff design for better comfort
  • Improved rigidity and support
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 1230g

Features of the Scarpa Terra GTX Boots

Ask anyone who has owned a pair of Scarpa Terra GTX boots for a while what their favourite feature of the boots is and most people will tell you it’s how comfortable they are. There’s a common misconception that leather boots are heavy and uncomfortable and hard to break in. That’s simply not the case nowadays and certainly not the case with the Scarpa Terra GTX boots.

Straight out of the box, these boots will be comfortable for the vast majority of people, and this latest version has taken a couple of extra steps to ensure that. First of all, this latest design allows a little bit more room in the toe box, which will be great for those who like to put the miles in.

There’s also a new PU cushioning layer in the midsole to give you more stability and comfort, and that’s coupled with the Vibram Energy II sole to give you great grip and lasting durability for those long days on the trails.

Interestingly, Scarpa is clear in the marketing and description of this boot as being for low-level walking and, using their own rating system, they rate the Scarpa Terra GTX as a 5/5 for paths and trails, 3/5 for fells and 1/5 for hillwalking.

Not only is that going to confuse people as to why it would be a 3 for fells and 1 for hills (and what the great difference is there) but it’s also really doing a disservice to the boots. From my experience with the boots, I’d be more than happy to recommend them for hillwalking, and they’re actually a lot more capable for that kind of terrain than many of their competitors.

So to clear up any confusion, I’ll say this: are the Scarpa Terra GTX boots suitable for hiking at high altitudes in the depths of winter? No, there are other boots in the Scarpa range that are far more suitable for that. But will these be suitable for the average weekend adventurer who wants to head up to a few summits over the course of the year in average British weather? Yes, absolutely.

Are the Scarpa Terra GTX Boots Waterproof?

Although I’ve done my usual testing of stomping through puddles, traipsing through streams and rambling through long grass, I haven’t had the boots long enough to see how waterproof the boots will be over time.

However, there are literally hundreds of consumer reviews on the big retailers’ websites and almost none of them mention being let down by these boots. The soft leather upper, coupled with the Gore-Tex lining does exactly what you’d expect it to do, it keeps the water out.

As you’d expect with leather boots, you do need to take care of them by cleaning and proofing them every so often. But if you do this and don’t let the leather dry out and start to crack, these boots should last you years.

The latest design of the Scarpa Terra GTX boots also has an improved stitch design, all helping to improve the overall durability of the boots.

Other Boots to Consider

The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a leather walking boot that is going to be comfortable, waterproof and long-lasting, the Scarpa Terra GTX has to be high on your list of considerations.

If you’re a seasoned hillwalker that will be reaching the summits all year round then there are other boots in the Scarpa lineup to consider. But for the vast majority of casual, weekend walkers, these boots are a really great option.

Our Top Pick

Scarpa Terra GTX Boots

Comfortable, waterproof and long-lasting boots that are perfect for paths, trails and low-level walking.

Scarpa Terra GTX

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