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Why Autumn is Perfect for Mountain Biking

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It’s no secret that this is my favourite time of year. Give me crisp air and crunchy leaves over a heatwave any day. However, for many people, the changing of summer to autumn signals their time to spend less time outdoors and more time at home with the heating on. It might be a little colder, a little muddier and a little darker, but this time of year is great for getting out and about exploring,  particularly on two wheels, so here are my 5 reasons why autumn is perfect for mountain biking.

There’s Never a Better Time to Be in the Forests

Much of the UK’s best mountain biking can be found in forest trail centres and there is no better time to be in those forests than autumn. If you’ve ever spent an early morning riding around a foggy forest you will understand just what an incredibly atmospheric place to be it is. If you haven’t, then you need to make plans to get out there bright and early on a cold and foggy autumnal morning to experience that yourself.

If autumn is famous for anything it is leaves, and there’s no better way to see the multitude of browns, reds and yellows that make up the forest canopy than by getting on your bike and going exploring.

It’s Always Fun to Get Muddy

Let’s face it, now that the summer heatwave is behind us it’s highly likely that the forest trails and going to be muddy from now until May at least. The sooner we accept and embrace that the sooner we can get out there and have some muddy fun.

I always find that getting the motivation to go out riding on a rainy day can be hard, but once you get through that barrier it’s actually a lot of fun to be going flat out down some muddy single track leaving a trail of mud from your seat post to your neck. When was the last time you got covered in mud? Have you forgotten how much fun it is?

It’s a Great Way to Stay in Shape

With Mince Pie and Advent Calendar season just around the corner, it’s important to try and stay active now or it won’t be long before you’re setting yourself some unrealistic new year’s resolutions and wondering how you’re going to get back in shape again next year.

Mountain Biking is definitely an all-year-round kind of sport and there are trails and routes all over the UK that are suitable in any weather. Getting out even once or twice a week now will help keep you fit and active through the winter months.

Mountain Biking in Autumn

The Trails Are Quieter

The difference between the number of people using trail centres in October compared to the summer months is massive, and that’s actually a great thing if you enjoy that sense of peace and tranquillity you get from exploring forests and trails with nobody around.

It might be one of the busiest trail centres in the country during August, but you can still get a sense of wilderness through the autumn months, and that really shows just how many people choose to hibernate with Netflix as soon as October arrives. Make the most of the quiet and enjoy having the forest to yourself.

You Can Keep Going In the Evenings

We’re at the point in the year when every night, up and down the country people are saying “I can’t believe how dark it is” as they close the curtains slightly earlier than they did the night before. For most of us, the dark evenings and the rolling back of the clocks can really limit our outside time. We get into that routine of going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark and that habit of doing nothing in the evening becomes hard to break.

However, mountain biking is definitely an activity that can be carried on in the evening. These days you can pick up a decent set of lights for your bike fairly cheaply, and if you’re willing to spend a bit more you can find lights so powerful that they will light up half the forest.

If you’ve never been riding in the evening before you should definitely give it a go, try the forest fire roads before you progress to single track. The silence and eerieness of the forest add a whole new dimension to your ride.

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